Choose Your Shape/Size


  • Round Ottoman 36" Dia. H18"
  • Round Ottoman 40" Dia. H18"
  • Round Ottoman 44" Dia. H18"
  • Round Ottoman 48" Dia. H18"


  • Square Ottoman W36" D36" H18"
  • Square Ottoman W40" D40" H18"
  • Square Ottoman W44" D44" H18"
  • Square Ottoman W48" D48" H18"


  • Oval Ottoman W36" D22" H18"
  • Oval Ottoman W40" D24" H18"
  • Oval Ottoman W44" D26" H18"
  • Oval Ottoman W48" D28" H18"


  • Rectangle Ottoman W36" D22" H18"
  • Rectangle Ottoman W40" D24" H18"
  • Rectangle Ottoman W44" D26" H18"
  • Rectangle Ottoman W48" D28" H18"

Dimensions are approximate and will vary. The manufacturing process may result in dimensions measuring up to 1.5” larger than the stated dimension


Choose Your Tailoring Treatment


QMitered with Button

ISquare Buttonless Tuft

RDiamond Button Tuft

* Please be aware, certain Tailoring treatments are suitable for Plain Fabrics only, due to tufting or seaming. Plain Fabrics are noted in the Pricelist.

  • Q - Mitered with Button Tailoring Treatment, when selected on the B - Oval or D - Rectangle shape, is suitable for Plain Fabrics only.
  • I - Square Buttonless Tuft Tailoring treatment is suitable for Plain Fabrics only.
  • R - Diamond Button Tuft Tailoring treatment is suitable for Plain Fabrics only.

**Please be aware, when choosing the N - Plain Tailoring treatment for leather ottomans, the leather will be applied with seams.


Choose Your Border Detail

WWelt Edge/Welt Inside

XSmall Nail Edge/Welt Inside

ZNail Edge/Nail Inside

YCentered Large Nail

For nail option X & Z, please specify Small Brass, Small Chrome, Small Cinder, Small French Natural, Small Platinum, Small Pinwheel Antiqued Gold or Small Pinwheel Nickel
For nail option Y, please specify Large Brass, Large Chrome, Large Cinder, Large French Natural, Large Platinum, Large Pinwheel Antiqued Gold or Large Pinwheel Nickel.


Choose Your Leg Style


TSquare Tapered

UDecorative Cylinder



Choose Your Leg Material



H - Wood Leg material is standard with Walnut finish. Optional wood finishes; Cinder, Ebony, Ember, Fawn, French Oak, Fruitwood, Kahlua, Natural and Soho.

L - Acrylic leg material is available at an upcharge. (Clean acrylic with a damp cloth only. Many household cleaning products are harmful to acrylic.)